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How Do Foreigners Buy Real Estate?

Foreigners who will buy real estate in Turkey do not need to have a residence permit. However, there are some legal restrictions for real estate that can be sold to

Things to Consider for Foreigners Who Want to Acquire Real Estate in Turkey

There are some issues that foreigners who want to acquire real estate should pay attention to in order to prevent problems that may arise due to the fact that foreigners

How many real estate do foreigners have in Sakarya?

While the number of property of foreigners in Turkey exceeded 400 thousand, 5 thousand 539 foreign real estates were purchased in Sakarya. With this figure, Sakarya became the 10th most

In the first half of the year, one of every 5 houses was sold in Istanbul

In the January-June period, 108 thousand 51 houses were sold in Istanbul, followed by Ankara with 53 thousand 575 units and İzmir with 31 thousand 683. According to the data

There is no bank loan and maturity difference in Nidapark İstinye!

The Nidapark İstinye project, bearing the signature of Tahincioğlu Gayrimenkul, offers the opportunity to become a home owner without a bank loan. Built with the privilege of Emlak Konut GYO

’93 percent of foreigners investing in Turkey hold real estate’

Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (GİGDER) announced the results of its field research to measure the tendencies and expectations of foreign investors. According to the research, which measures the interest

Foreigners rush to Turkey to buy a house

The increase in exchange rates to historical levels in Turkey and the luxury projects implemented after the pandemic created an explosion in the housing demand of foreigners. This year, it

According to Endeksa Annual value increase in housing sales prices in Turkey was 29.7%

In June, 134 thousand 731 houses were sold throughout Turkey. With this number, house sales increased by 127.7% compared to the previous month and decreased by 29.1% compared to the

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