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In Turkiye 93.902 Houses Were Sold in July.

TUIK (Turkiye Statistical Institution) announced the house sales statistics for July. In Turkiye, 93 thousand 902 houses were

Turkish Houses Sales Double as Russians-Led Foreigner Purchases Boom

Residential property sales in Turkey more than doubled in May, official data showed Wednesday, as purchases by foreigners

Turkish Citizenship by Investment
Turkish Citizenship by Investment

How to become a citizen of Turkey This article is an overview of Turkey’s citizenship by investment program,

10 districts where foreigners own houses in Istanbul!
10 districts where foreigners own houses in Istanbul!

EVA Real Estate focused on real estate investments made by foreigners in Turkey as of the end of

How Do Foreigners Buy Real Estate?

Foreigners who will buy real estate in Turkey do not need to have a residence permit. However, there

Things to Consider for Foreigners Who Want to Acquire Real Estate in Turkey

There are some issues that foreigners who want to acquire real estate should pay attention to in order

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