Lates Figures of Property Sales in Turkey

2020 in Turkey,1 million 499 thousand 316 houses were sold across, despite the epidemic has experienced 11.2 percent year on year. In terms of the real estate sector, different developments may occur in the upcoming period. Turkey has become an important dynamic in the sector of residential sales to foreigners. It can be said that a total of 41 thousand houses in total were sold to foreign customers last year, and if procedures could be facilitated, a serious foreign exchange inflow could be achieved.

10.3 percent compared to 2019 last year, housing sales continued to decline in foreign interest in Turkey. Housing sales to foreigners in Europe decreased by almost 40 percent. The result is reflected in the figures which influenced the real estate limited outbreaks in Turkey. The expectations for the sector and forecasts pointing to the healing process can now Turkey in 2021″ New consumer needs in housing bring innovation with them. Due to the increase in the practice of working from home and the decrease in vacation opportunities especially abroad, interest in holiday destinations such as Bodrum has also gained momentum. (Covid-19) causes effects on the income level, while new consumer needs bring innovation with it.

It is seen that the sales values of the villa projects in the city are higher due to the limited land supply. It is thought that the demand for these projects will continue to increase in 2021, and people will prefer housing solutions that offer a healthy life and convenience of working remotely.

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