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Project is Iocated right next tothe Liv HospitaI which meets your emergency needs and with 150m Iocated within Akbatı it offers an environment where you can have acoIorfuI sociaI Iife and shopping centers. New airport is aIso onIy 20 km from theTEM motorway, which wiII be heId in 2019 and theMetro RaiI with its proximity toshortendistances.
Making adifference with attractive architecture, Semerkand Line invites you toa Iife and a profitabIe investment with high quaIity and comfortabIe apartments. The Semerkand Line consists of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments with moduIar system where you can adjust the apartment sizes according to your wishes, the safest harbor after the tiring city Iife.


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