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Torkam is signing a unique project that is next to E5 highway. With living spaces consisting of residences, offices, restaurants, cafes and shops and transportation facilities such as Metro, Metrobus, E5, It offers Istanbul a life beyond imagination. In Torkam E5, where you can find everything about happiness, a life as big as your dreams, a life you cannot imagine, awaits you.

In Torkam E5 with horizontal architecture; There are 234 residences in 3 blocks with different sizes from 1 + 1 to 3 + 1… In Torkam E5, which will give life of your dreams and privileged face of Istanbul, special reception and private services for each block are waiting for you. Here life will turn into great happiness and privileges will turn into habits.

Advantages of having an office in Torkam E5 are so much. The sizes of the offices, which are designed in a combinable form, vary between 77 m2 and 178 m2. Moreover, it is possible to combine the offices up to 3,820 m2. You may want to buy whether for investment purposes, or for prestige. Everyone wins at Torkam E5. For happy employees, prestigious and lucrative tomorrows it is enough to buy one of 117 offices.

Torkam E5 project was analyzed by observing all the details of the region for 16 months in order to provide optimum benefit from street shops and market stores during the development phase. Different and extraordinary concepts were designed. The first and only Jewelers Street of Istanbul, will be located in Torkam E5; this is only one of these privileges.

You may have encountered many projects, but you have not seen such a centralized and easily accessible project! TORKAM E5, which rises next to E5 Sefaköy Metrobüs stop, also hosts Sefaköy metro station, which is in construction phase. Do you have a private car? It is enough to go to E5 motorway which passes all over Istanbul. With E5 Motorway and Basın Express Road connection, TEM motorway offers transportation alternatives to private car owners. Nation’s Park, which excites people is a step away.

You may have witnessed such phrases as “3 minutes to Metro”, “Subway within walking distance”. Torkam E5 is not near to Metro, it is located just above Metro. It only takes a minute to get out of your house and reach the subway. In Torkam E5, you can easily go to Maslak, Taksim, Kadıköy and even Kartal; time will be your most important privilege.

Torkam E5 has a parking area of 896 cars. But apart from the size of this parking lot, there is a very important feature. Entrances and exits of this parking lot are connected to E5 motorway. You do not pass to intermediate roads when you go in and or out of the parking lot and you do not waste time in traffic by directly connecting to E5. You experience Torkam E5 Comfort, not only in your home, also in your car.

There are many ways to meet health in Torkam E5. You will run into a healthy future in the Fitness room, enjoy a hammam or sauna, and eliminate the fatigue of the day.


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