Although house sales decreased by 29 percent in June due to high interest rates and the pandemic, there was a double increase compared to the previous month.

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced the house sales figures for June the previous day. According to the news in Yeni Şafak; Housing sales, which decreased by 29.1 percent annually in June, doubled compared to the previous month. In May, 59 thousand house sales figures were realized as 134 thousand 731 this month. Thus, the housing sales figures were recorded as 127.7 this month. Banks’ reduction in loan rates as part of the fight against the corona virus was effective in these sales.

According to the June figures announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK); Istanbul had the highest share with 25,833 house sales and 19.2 percent. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 13 thousand 401 houses and a share of 9.9 percent, and Izmir with 7 thousand 522 houses and a share of 5.6 percent. It was 12 in Hakkari, the city with the lowest sales, 32 in Ardahan and 64 in Bayburt.

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